Welcome to the Fraunhofer Center Building Technology!

The Fraunhofer Center for Building Technology combines the Fraunhofer-Institute for Building Physics IBP, the University of (Applied Sciences) Rosenheim and the Institute for Window Technology (ift Rosenheim), three competent institutions for research and development for the building industry.

In collaboration with the building sector, this interdisciplinary center designs and develops innovative building concepts and optimized components for new and existing buildings. Main themes of the application center are energy and resource efficiency, age-appropriate housing, plus energy concepts, adaptability, modularity and comfort. Furthermore, the Fraunhofer Center Building Technology also cooperatively develops optimized overall building concepts and new building systems, components and processes. Modern buildings are increasingly developing into complex high-tech systems: Buildings, which produce more energy than they use, will shape the urban and rural landscape in the future. Houses will be flexible, multifunctional and adaptable to the climate through weather forecasts with the result to support the occupier with intelligent systems and building control. A look into the future also includes dealing with existing buildings and their efficient use. In coming decades, one of the major challenges will be the designing, building, operating and also the refurbishment, conversion and finally the recycling of buildings.